Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Quilting progress, finally

After waiting how many days for my circular ruler to arrive from Craftsy, I wanted to put it to use yesterday and begin marking the Baptist Fans in my quilt. Not gonna happen, my friends. The ruler isn't the right size!  So, no Baptist Fans in this quilt.  What to do? What to do?

Go to plan B of course. Except I had no plan B.  So, I simply began stitching a loopy meander across the center of the quilt with my variegated thread and I like it a lot!  Yesterday, I stitched the entire center before I had to stop and ice my wrist.  (Even with the brace on, it still was pretty sore after a couple of hours.)  

Today, I stitched in all the ditches of the borders and managed to get the first border finished in another free motion design.

As usual, pics taken in my sewing room. even right under the sewing machine light, get a very red/pink hue.  When I'm finished quilting it, I'll bring it upstairs and take pics of it in natural light so you can see that it really is a brick/rust color with a variety of  Civil War fabrics and a black inner border.

And I had to share a picture of the doll dress I made the other day. The jeans I made are nothing special--they have no pockets and they have an elastic waist--Mom jeans, I guess.  :O)

After I'd finished stitching for the day, I went outside and planted the Winterberry bushes and fall mum plants that I got the other day and as I'm typing, Don is continuing to work on shaping the new planting bed with edging all around.  Tomorrow, I'll try to move a day lily or two and some gorgeous yellow iris that I have in the back yard. When my order of spring bulbs arrives, I'll be out there, filling all the spaces with tulips and daffodils. and hoping the squirrels don't decide to plant them somewhere else.  I'm thinking a generous dusting of dried blood might be the thing to keep them away.

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