Sunday, September 11, 2016


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Are you  remembering where you were on Sept. 11, 2001?  I remember every year and it doesn't get any easier.  Today we remember and mourn the loss of our friends.

This  picture of the Sept. 11 memorial looks beautiful, a fitting way to honor and remember.  

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Today will be nothing extraordinary, just like yesterday. Before you ask, no, the package from Craftsy didn't arrive as I'd hoped.  I placed the order on Saturday, Sept 3 and it has yet to arrive.  Just checked the tracking and it's been sitting somewhere in Illinois since the 8th. I am not happy.  Not happy.  I've purchased on-line classes from Craftsy before and really like them, but this is the first time I've ordered merchandise, and I'm not happy.  Have any of you had experience like this with Craftsy?  Well, I'll keep you posted on the continuing wait, wait, wait for my order.  

Yesterday I did a little laundry, a little housework, a little cooking, and a little sewing. Since I can't begin quilting the Saucy and Snappy (Geometry) quilt, I covered 2 wooden TV tray tables and turned them into portable ironing tables.  Tah Dah!  They are door prizes for the upcoming Fall Retreat that my guild puts on. One is covered with a butterfly print shown below and the other one is covered with fabric printed with birds. Quilters place these tables next to their sewing area and then don't have to get up to press, just turn to the little table.  Personally, I like to get up and walk across the room to the ironing board--I get a little exercise and stretching while sitting and sewing.

I sewed up a pretty and soft flannel nightgown for an 18" doll, shown below. Trust me, it really is pink but there's a yellow tinted light bulb in the area where I took this picture.

And I cut out the pieces for a second nightgown out of this aqua/blue flannel and I hope to get it sewn up today.

In the evening, I almost finished knitting the pale blue cardigan sweater for the dolls. As luck would have it, I ran out of yarn near the finish.  Bummer for sure!  My first thought was to take it all apart and remake the sweater with fewer rows of ribbing on it but I thought I'd leave it for today. When I woke up, I decided to leave it as is, place it all on a holder and get another skein of yarn the next time I get to the store where I bought it.  Don't know when that will be since the store is about 50 miles from here so I can't just "run to the store."

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Today I'll work on making shoulder wraps similar to the one above that we will give to each person who attends the retreat.  Do you know about the rice-filled tubes that you heat and put on your neck to relieve strain and pain?  Well, we're making one of these for each retreat attendee. I have to make 4 of them as my share of the work, so I want to get them done and off my mind.  

Here in NW WI, the sun is shining, it's cool and dry outside, and a typical early Autumn day. I may try to fit in some time outdoors, doing some gardening chores that I've neglected due to my wrist/thumb injury. I think it's healed enough that I can pull weeds and so forth and I will feel good to get some of that done as well.  

Can I get all this done?  Wish me luck!  :)

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