Wednesday, September 7, 2016

More rain

There are flash flood warnings out for my area because we've had so much rain. This is the second day of pretty much steady rain with thunderstorms and intermittent downpours.  Gloomy, gloomy days.

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Substitute "Saturday Sew In" for "bridge game"

But great days for sewing!  Yesterday I spent all afternoon figuring out and constructing the backing for the Geometry quilt. What a chore!  It seems I never have enough of any one fabric to make a backing and then have to cut and piece, trusting that my never-have-been-very-good math skills will be correct. And as usual, my calculations were off.  I was about 5" too narrow and about 15" too long!  How can that be when I measure, add, subtract, and so forth, not once but multiple times, to make sure I'm doing it right?  So frustrating!  Well, I added a couple of strips on both sides of the backing to make it just wide enough and today I'll measure (15 or 20 times!) the length and make some cuts.  Then get the batting cut to size and I'm off to the Rec Center to lay it all out and make myself a sandwich.

After that, I'll be going to the LQS to get the thread I need to begin the quilting.  Making the backing took way more time than I thought so I didn't make the trip yesterday as planned.  With any luck, the circular ruler will arrive today and I'll be all set to start quilting when I get home.

Last night was my first guild meeting as president and I think it went well. I'm always unsure about when to let people talk and when to get them back on topic but it was okay last night.  Got all the business taken care of, had a terrific Show and Tell, and a short demo on how to correctly cut fabric.  We also made our annual charity donation--this year it was quilts, pillows and pillow cases for area kids in foster care.  As usual, I neglected to take any picture, but I will proudly tell you the table was piled high with items that will be used by the kids. The women in the guild are so giving, it makes me proud!

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  1. I love to sew when it rains. This is our 3rd week with out rain and it is still in the high 90s. I am kinda done with this summer thing.