Sunday, September 4, 2016

Still sniffling along

Yesterday  I managed to spend a few hours in the sewing room and finished the top for my Bee-utiful quilt, borders and all, but I don't have a place to lay it out for a picture.  Maybe it will have to go outside for that.

I also took out this partially completed top that Bonnie and I made last January.

I need to make up some borders for it. I had saved the triangles that we cut off as we make the blocks and yesterday I turned them into pinwheels, thinking they would be a nice accent in the border.  After I had them sewn into 4 strips, I laid them out and, no, they don't look good at all. I think they'll be made into a doll blanket and put up for sale.  Or maybe placemats and/or a table runner.   

I have enough of the rust colored fabric to make a wide border all around, but I think I'll put in a black 1" "stop border" first, like matting on a framed picture.  This is the quilt that I'm thinking of covering the center with Baptist Fans quilting, and then I want to do a large feather design, filling in the wide outer border.  Maybe a narrow leaf and vine in the black stop border.

This quilt has to be ready for hand stitching the binding when I go to Duluth on Oct 1 so I can hand it over to Bonnie to finish in time for the AAUW scholarship auction in early November.  

Here are a couple more pics of Bee blocks.  The designer made hers a green John Deere tractor, but I remember only red tractors from my childhood.  And this tractor is definitely not a modern day one!

Love this cupcake block!  I took off the strawberry that was on the top and made a frosting swirl and then accented the frosting with my glittery floss.  Kitty reminds me of my children when I would bake cakes for them to take to school parties.  

Today will be another slow day and I probably won't go downstairs at all. In fact, I may just stay in my jammies all day and keep warm. I have Netflicks to watch--thank goodness for that!--and I have knitting that should be worked on.  And I'll just check and see if my favorite purple and gold football team is playing today.  :)

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