Saturday, September 3, 2016

This is a down day

I have nothing to write about today. I'm down pretty sick with a nasty head cold and don't have energy to do much of anything. Maybe it's a day for bingeing on Netflicks.

But I have to include a photo or two, so here are a couple more of the Bee blocks.

On this block with the honey pot, I used crayons to bring some honey color to the block.  

And in this kite block, I appliqued batik fabric for the kite and satin stitched the ties on the kite's tail.  Although I still am not a fan of satin stitch, I admit to becoming a bit more friendly with it and am not as intimidated as I was when I began this project.

Yesterday, I did some running around for the Festival and then spent the afternoon and evening with my friend who stayed the night before continuing to Mpls today to visit her daughters.  Always a good time with Elaine, but as the day and evening went on, I could feel my head filling up with cold "stuff."  You know what I mean!

But before bedtime, I managed to complete the last of the 20 Bee blocks and if I have energy today, I'll stitch them into the quilt top.  Or maybe I'll simply begin working on the embroidered label I want to put on the quilt.  And watch Netflicks.  That sounds like the better idea.

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