Monday, September 19, 2016

Thank goodness, it's Monday!

I had a super busy weekend and I'm so glad it's Monday and I'm going to spend the entire day in the house, in my sewing room--except for a trip to to the grocery store for a few necessities.

I already posted that Saturday was a work day for the Guild, and I have pics to share with you as to what all we got accomplished. These are all things that will  be for sale in our Country Store at the Quilt Tour in November. It's a split fundraiser for the domestic abuse program and the guild.

Card making! All year, Barb, Patti, Jo and Carolyn have been taking beautiful pictures of our quilts. Now Barb is cutting them to size . . .

 and Carolyn and Patti are gluing and assembling them.  They made up 60 packets of 5 cards per packet--in about 3 hours!  What an amazing crew!  Actually, they had additional help from a couple of pre-teen grandsons who wanted hang out with us Grannies!  Go figure!

Jo and Becky had made up several "Diva Ironing Tables."  These are wooden TV tables that are covered with Insulbrite and fabric. They are perfect to keep by the side of your sewing station to press those half squares and not have to walk halfway across the house to the ironing board.  When you have one of these, you truly feel like a Quilting Diva!

One of our members (I don't know who) brought in a couple of jeans pocket potholders, bound with Indian corn fabric.  So cute!

And these are the strangest looking things. Can you guess?  Okay, I'll explain.  These are Jennie's numbered pins.  She, with help from Cindy and the 2 grandsons, made sets of long beaded pins, numbered 0 to 9.  The beads are glued onto the pins and then stuck in the paper cup to dry.  When they're dry, they get pinned into a length of ribbon and will go on sale. I have a set of these and love them. I use them when I have a quilt laid out on the floor to mark the blocks and then rows so I know which is row (or block) is number 1, 2, 3, and so forth.  Before I got my pins, I used masking tape with numbers written on them--and sometimes I mistakenly sewed the tape into the quilt.  That's not a good thing. Believe me.

This is another Barb--we have 3 Barbs in the guild--holding up a sewing mat that she's binding.  These are quilted mats that go on the table under your sewing machine. There are pockets in the part that hangs over the edge of the table in front of the machine where you can put your seam ripper, clippers, and so forth.  And never have to hunt for them again!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I made one doll dress and a pair of doll jeans, but I have no photo of them yet.  

And yesterday was quilt show day.  I love and hate going to quilt shows and I seldom go.  This one was in Amery WI and I'd never been there.  I had to bring Festival bookmarks for people to take and my friend Pat and I decided to go together and take in the show.  The reason I don't like going to quilt shows is because I see how much more I need learn to go to be a really good quilter, and the reason I like going is because I get to see all these fabulous quilts made by quilters who are so good at this craft.  And the Amery show was exceptionally wonderful!  Of course, I took very few pictures.  Just a couple of pics of things I wanted to remember, like this Log Cabin quilt that incorporates several smallish printed panels around the center log blocks.

I have a set of panels that I bought a year or so ago and I have a ton of Civil War fabrics and I think they would work together very will in a setting like this.  Later on, I'll play with them and see what I can do with them.

I also liked this "Recipe for a Quilt" and will embroider it on something, some time, whenever.  Maybe a throw pillow for the couch in the sewing room--if I ever get the fabric cleared off the couch!

So, it was a great weekend, but now I'm ready to put my circular ruler to work and get to marking the geometry quilt. I promise to take pics as I go along so I have proof that I'm actually making progress.  I only have 11 days to get it to the point of hand sewing the binding, so I have to put everything else aside and get 'r dun!

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