Thursday, September 1, 2016

I've got a finish!

Yesterday afternoon, I sequestered myself in the sewing room and finished the McKenna Ryan wall hanging, "Watching Over You."  McKenna lived for awhile in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and she tells this Ojibwa story about this pattern:  A mother bear and her two cubs were swimming across Lake Michigan. The young ones became too tired to make it all the way and they both drowned in the lake. Mother bear made it safely to the other side but she was distraught over losing her babies. She prayed to the Great Spirit to save them, but of course, they were dead. The Great Spirit took pity on the mother bear and turned the bear cubs into two islands out in the lake. The mother bear sits and keep watch over her two island babies.

Last night I stitched the binding and sleeve on it and hung it in my TV room.  I like how it looks there. Next Tuesday, I'll take it to guild for show and tell since I began it for a demo a couple of months ago.

In the morning, I worked on emails for the Festival. I made up a flyer and emailed it to 60 quilt guilds throughout the state of WI, asking them to share the information with their members. Today, I get to do the same for the guilds in MN.  I should be done by tea time, I hope!  I think the effort is worth it since I've already received a couple of email responses and we've had an uptick in interest on Facebook.

After I've finished with the emails, I'm going to take it easy since I'm coming down with a doozy of a head cold and don't have energy for anything more than embroidery.  

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