Friday, September 9, 2016

Yesterday was a nothing day and I think today is too.

Not much going on around here. All I did yesterday was get the geometry quilt pinned and ready for quilting but my special ruler/template didn't arrive. Well, I took it easy and finished a lavender doll sweater and  began a pale blue one, thinking, "I'm sure the ruler will arrive tomorrow."

Well, tomorrow has arrived . . . but not the ruler!  I checked the tracking email and it's sitting somewhere in Illinois having been sent from Kentucky. What's with the delay! In the time it's taking to be shipped here to WI, I could have driven to Kentucky and back--and had the quilt half done by now!  So, I wait.

Not that I don't have lots of other things to work on, I do, and I'll get on with something else as soon as I finish this post. But that quilt has to be ready for hand stitching the binding by Oct 1 when I turn it over to Bonnie to finish up.  I'm starting to feel the pressure and I don't like that!

On the bright side of things, I sent Bonnie an email with pics of the front and back of the quilt so she could see how it's coming along.  I sent it from my cell phone which has that auto correct spell checker feature.  Instead of saying "AAUW quilt" as I had typed, the phone changed it to "Sauce quilt."  Personally, I hate that function on my phone, but I'll not rant on that today.  Bonnie and I agreed that we'll name the quilt "Saucy and Snappy." We think that name fits with the spikes scattered over the quilt top.  So it has an official name. I can go ahead and make up a label for it.

Lets all hope together that my order arrives tomorrow so I can get started on the Saucy and Snappy quilt, okay?  I need all the help I can get with this project. :)

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