Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nothin' going on here, folks

Yesterday, I managed to make some progress on the things I'm making for the country store. One batch of soap is in the mold and I filled the 4 little cream bottles with lavender milk bath.  I also stitched on the label for the quilt of valor for the deceased veteran's family and took it over to the Veteran's Service Office.  It will go from there to the family who said they wanted to display it at the visitation.  But I did not get into the sewing room to work on those table runners. Sigh!

Instead I had errands to run and I got my supplies for this week's retreat. Oh, didn't I mention it? Indeed, I'm going on the Guild retreat and I'll be there from Wednesday (tomorrow) through Sunday. Five days of sewing bliss!  I picked up some snack food for the group and a bottle of Kringle Cream Liqueur shown here:

This stuff is soooo good!  It "tastes buttery, nutty, and sweet and is made with real Wisconsin dairy cream." And it has a bit of rum to perk it up a bit!  Yumm! I've brought a bottle to the last 2 retreats and I'll share it with the group on Saturday night.  It's kind of like Bailey's but a different flavor. So nice to pour it over a little ice and sip--or in the morning, it would be great in my cup of coffee.  But after a cup or two, I don't think I'd be able to sew a perfect 1/4" seam!  LOL 

Today promises to be more of the same.  Getting things organized for retreat, packing a suitcase, and just taking care of things before I have to go.  I do want to make the last batch of soap so it can cure while I'm gone and be ready for packaging in time to go into the store. And, as always, maybe I'll get something done on those table runners. Do you want to make a bet on that?  Nah, I wouldn't either.

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