Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Do you remember the movie, "Annie," where Carol Burnett plays the headmistress of the orphanage and sings the song about "Little Girls?" She complains in the song about being surrounded by little girls.        
                                                      Little girls
                                                      Little girls
                                                      Everywhere I turn
                                                      I can see them
                                                      Little Girls
                                                      Little Girls
                                                      Night and day
                                                      I eat, sleep and breathe them

That's how I feel about my little dolly dresses!

I'm making pretty good progress with my dress sewing. I can get one and part of a second one done every day and I still have about 5 weeks until the Festival, so I think I'm doing okay.

This pink flowered dress has a cross over bodice that I trimmed with ric rac.

I made the dress to go with the variegated sweater I'd knitted awhile ago.  In this pic it look more yellow and blue than it really is.  The blue is more lavender and the yellowish part is creamy white.

I also finished this dress made with some vibrant batik that I had and I did some machine embroidery on the top to coordinate with the bottom. This outfit gets a pair of clogs that I got on sale at Joanne's.

Actually, I got sidetracked yesterday and made up a quantity of these pieced pumpkin blocks.  It looked like fun and something different from the doll clothes so before I knew it, I had 9 of them made.  I think they'll be made into a few table runners or table quilts and put up for sale at the store.

Otherwise, it was a quiet day here in Lake Wobegon Menomonie.  Got some groceries bought, paid some bills, and that was about it.  Today, I must force myself to get the bulbs planted and do my hour of housework that I promised myself I would do everyday. And more little dresses, I'm sure. Sigh.

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