Sunday, October 16, 2016

Two table runners and a potholder

I spent yesterday morning with members of the guild at a work day--making items that we'll put up for sale in the country store that we're running in November.  For those of you who don't know, I'll explain what this store is all about. Every 2 years, my guild participates in a fundraiser called "The Quilt Tour" for the local domestic violence agency.  This is a quilt show that's located at 4 different locations in our town. People buy one ticket that gets them into each of the 4 sites.  My guild has one of the largest sites and, in addition to the exhibit of quilts, demos and vendors, we also offer a "Blue Plate Special" lunch and we have a country store boutique.  Members of the guild have been working all year to make items to sell in the shop--not just quilted items, but things the quilters might like for themselves and for gifts as well.  Yesterday was the second workday we'd arranged to gather together to get some things made up.

Of course, when you get a group of quilters together, you get just as much--or more!--chatting and laughing as you get sewing.  Nonetheless, I managed to put together a few things.

I made a total of 11 Christmas present blocks (5 of each design and one a little different) and will use ten of them to make into 2 table runners--if I can get the math to come out right!  And the 11th one will become another potholder to join the others that I've made.

Last night, I began working on the redwork ornaments that I mentioned yesterday.  I managed to finish the stitching on one of them.  They're only 6" in diameter and it worked up very easily, and I really like how it looks.  Of course, the proof is when the entire thing is finished and ready to hang on a Xmas tree.  These ornaments will be up for sale in the shop as well as the potholders and table runners.

Today, I have to take an inventory of the items that were brought into my house to store until the shop is ready to set up.  My job is to keep track of all the items we have so we can better plan how to display them and what prices to put on them.  When that's finished, it's back into the sewing room to work on those table runners and a potholder.

On Wednesday, I'm leaving for the guild retreat and will be there until Sunday afternoon. Oh Boy! Am I ready for that getaway!  I'd planned on taking two new projects to begin as well as one that I'd begun last winter and then set aside.  And my embroidery as well.  This morning as I lay drowsing in my comfy bed, I realized that I was going to be gone for 5 days. Five days away from my shop sewing!  That's not good! I decided to take along all of my supplies for doll clothes and to work on them exclusively.  And my embroidery as well.  I should be able to make considerable headway in that area in 5 days of working pretty much exclusively on doll clothes, don't you think? I'll probably not do much blogging while I'm away--I'll be too busy having fun with my fellow quilters!

Hoping you have a happy Sunday, I'm off to do inventory!

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