Monday, October 17, 2016

Number 1 Quilt of Valor

Yesterday my plan was to update the inventory of the  store items and then spend the rest of the day working on table runners and a potholder.  Well, that didn't exactly happen.  Life interfered, in a way.

Yes I did get the inventory done and I'm truly impressed with how much we have--and more to come.  But I didn't get any work done on the table runners and potholder. I received an email from the county veterans office letting me know that one of the veterans who had been selected to receive a Quilt of Valor from us on Veterans Day, a 90+ year old WWII prisoner of war, had passed away on Friday. They asked if we could award the QOV to the family and I said of course.

I had a quilt here at the house that just needed binding and the label, so that's what I worked on instead of following my plan.  Here it is, draped over a chair in my sun porch.  It's a beautifully made scrappy quilt and I hope the family enjoys having it.  I only wish the veteran could have been hugged by it before he traveled on.

After the QOV is delivered this morning, I plan to finish the soap making I've had in mind in order to get the soaps cured and finished up before it's time to package them and put them up for sale.  And, if there's any more time, I promise I'll get some work done on the table runners and potholder.  Promise!

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