Saturday, October 1, 2016

Two Dresses for Dolly

Yesterday, I managed to finish the doll dress that I began the day before. The dress has short sleeves so they will fit under the sweater and the dress is unadorned with no lace or anything.  

After I finished the black dress, I found some fabrics that would work with the sweater I'd made in variegated yarn.  On this one I added a bit of tiny yellow ric rac since there's a bit of yellow in the yarn.  I think the green that I found in my stash is perfect with the sweater and there was a scrap just big enough to make the skirt.  Win/Win--cute little doll dress and one less scrap in my stash.

Probably no sewing today. I'm on the road to Bayfield WI and then over to Duluth for a wedding party. It's a beautiful day for a drive through northern Wisconsin.  See ya!

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