Saturday, October 29, 2016


I'm getting things done around here! Yesterday, indeed, I spent several hours in the sewing room.  When I opened the door, I decided it was time to finish some of the things that I'd started to make for the country store but abandoned when the squirrels began arriving!

To begin, I worked on putting on the borders of this table runner.  I'd run into a math problem as I was adding the pieced border and had set the project aside. Now it's ready for sandwiching and quilting.  Next week, I think.

Here's a closeup of the fabric I used for the gift packages. I absolutely fell in love with the cute little forest animals when I saw this and I think it's perfect in these blocks.  Unfortunately, I only have a little left of it--it'll probably show up in a scrappy quilt sometime in the future, and I'll smile.

Then I turned to the embroidered redwork ornaments that I've been stitching in the evenings.  Those little buggers took a long time to get done--not difficult, just time consuming.  But all 8 are finished and ready to hang on someone's Christmas tree.

I had just enough of this Santa patterned red fabric to use for the back side of the ornaments--and the scraps will turn up in a scrappy quilt. just like the Christmas fabric above!

Then I decided I may as well go ahead and make a couple of wine totes for the store.  I lined one with purple (red) fabric and one with cream (white) fabric and they go along with the sets of coasters I'd made using the same grapey fabric. 


I made these totes out of 2 layers of fabric--left out the batting.  I had such a difficult time turning the first one I'd made with the batting that I decided it really wasn't worth it.  I think the plain fabric ones will be fine.  I still want to make a few more, but can't decide on a fabric to use and don't want to buy any more--Lord knows, I have plenty of fabric in my stash!  

So, while it looks as though I didn't accomplish too much, this really did take most of the day to complete.  Why does everything take a lot longer than you'd expect?  Especially when you're in a hurry?  Sheesh!

This morning, I have a group of the guild members coming over to make ice cream cone style ornaments so I have to get a move on. I promised them some coffee and cake to go with and I have to make a run to the store before they arrive.  I'm off!

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