Thursday, October 27, 2016

Making progress, bit by bit

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Yesterday I'd forgotten that I had an appointment for my monthly hair trimming and remembered it at a few minutes before 11 am--and I was supposed to be at the shop at 11!  I've done this in the past--totally blanked on hair appointments and my hairdresser has always been quite gracious about it, but I always feel guilty for standing her up.  I know this is her livelihood and I hate to forget appointments. So, I panicked a little when I realized there was no way I could get there in time. When I called the shop to let them know I was running a little late, she told me it was okay, she had time to take me even if I was late.  Whew!  My hair is so shaggy now, I look a lot like Prince Charles and I HAD to get it cut and styled right now.  So, I got in the car and on my way to the shop, I glanced at the clock and saw that I had plenty of time. What the heck!  Then I remembered that I'd reset my bedroom alarm clock the other day to be 10 minutes fast.  I don't need that kind of confusion in my life right now!

After all that drama was finished and my hair was tamed down, I headed to the basement sewing room to make a parka for the AG dolls.  Here is Samantha modeling her new red fleece parka.  I think the modifications I made work quite well.  I added several inches to the length of the jacket and cut the width a little larger to accommodate full skirts.

I used this red, gray and white cat patterned fabric for the lining.  I think it looks cute!  And so does Samantha!

I also did some work on these 5 present blocks, turning them into a table runner, but I ran into a snag around 5:45 and decided it was time to put them aside and go upstairs for dinner.  Today, with a fresh mind, I'll work on them again.

These blocks with the green borders are more difficult to work with. They look so dull when I put them side by side. I have to find some fabric to use to brighten them up a little.  Or maybe I'll just put them away and deal with then later!

When I read Bonnie Hunter's blog this morning, I learned that she's getting her 2016 mystery ready to launch.  Here's the link to her post.  The colors are based on her visit to the lavender fields of Provence France--just gorgeous!  I'm not sure that I want to use the colors she chose--I'll have to do some thinking of what I want to substitute for the purples.  They're just not my color thing.  I'm glad she's not beginning until after Thanksgiving--the Festival will be over by then, and I'll be ready to begin something new--without any pressure!

Today, I'm back in the sewing room. You know the drill by now!

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