Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A nothing day and a something day

Monday, the first day after my quilt retreat, was a "nothing " day, meaning I never made it into the sewing room.  I actually did quite a bit--just not sewing.  So yesterday, Tuesday, I made up for it and spent about half the day sewing--a something day.

I worked on doll clothes all afternoon, getting a lot of finishing done.  I made a black T shirt to go with this twirly skirt.  Let me stop here and tell you about making T shirts for 18" dolls.  My youngest daughter gave me a number of her T shirts that she wants made into a memory quilt. I've gotten as far as to cut off the sleeves and backs, which I saved. I'm using them to make the doll T shirts--using the already hemmed sleeves and bottoms so I don't have to do that myself.  It works out very well and it's free!

So, anyway, this outfit is ready to go on sale at the store.

I made white T shirts to go with these flannel pajama bottoms, so they're done.

This dress needed the velcro sewn on the back and the hem stitched up with matching thread. I also found a decorative button in "brass" that I sewed onto the front of the bodice.

This dress also got a decorative button on the bodice as well as velcro and a proper hem. Both of these dresses are now hanging on the little doll clothes rack my husband made for me.

I found enough black fabric to make another pair of slacks like the ones shown here.  They have a subtle charcoal stripe along the length.  I had made a blouse out of brilliant green batik that never found a home with anything until I paired it with the black slacks.  Now it's an outfit!

And just before I had to come upstairs and begin fixing dinner, I modified the pattern and cut out a parka from the red fleece that I'd bought the other day at JoAnne's.  Today, my first task is to sew it up and see how it goes. As you may recall, I had a difficult time working on the sample I made at retreat, but now I think I'll be able to make it now without too much problem.  I'll let you know.

That's all that I have planned for today--sewing more doll clothes and hopefully other items to put up for sale in the store.  I counted up the value of the doll clothes I've made so far and if they all sell, it will be a couple hundred dollars, split 50/50 between the Guild and the domestic abuse agency in our county.  And that makes all the work worthwhile.  Besides, I love making these little clothes. LOL

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