Thursday, October 6, 2016

Posies everywhere

Yesterday was a success as I actually managed to keep to my housekeeping schedule of 1 hour per day. Truth be told, I finished in about 45 minutes so I got a bonus of 15 minutes on not-houseworking time!  

My friend stopped by with 2 grocery bags of purple iris corms from her garden and I exchanged with 1 grocery bag of yellow iris from my garden.  I put off planting them and I'm glad I did. I have now realized I have a perfect place to plant most if not all of them, so I want to get that done today.  Our neighbor boy came over after school and he helped me spread my compost all over the planting bed which I'd filled with spring bulbs the day before, so that job is complete--until next spring.

In the sewing room, I sewed up this flowery dress that I'd cut out the day before. I also stitched up a hat to go with but have a bit of hand sewing to do on that before I show it.  I found this fabric at a quilt shop in Gulf Shores, Alabama when we were there last winter and I absolutely love it!  I used it to make a spring-y table runner and had enough left over for this dress. I decided to add a little ruffle to the sleeves and a couple of bright red button on the bodice.  I even have a few inches of this fabric to go in a future scrappy quilt and then it'll be gone. 

Today's agenda looks quite full.  One hour of housework first. (Get it over with and then have a guilt-free day!) Then planting the irises.  Then, I have to do some work for the quilt guild and hopefully by noon, I'll be in the sewing room to finish the doll hat.  I want to do some work on these scrappy pumpkins that I made the other day. I think I'll make some alternate blocks and turn them into a couple of table runners to put in my Etsy shop. 

Depending on time, I'd like to make a few of these Christmas package blocks and turn them into a table runner or quilt and maybe a few more pot holders for the guild store in November.  I love making these since it uses up a lot of leftover Christmas fabric scraps that have hung around in my stash far too long.  I want to get NEW Christmas fabric to play with!  

It looks like it'll be a very busy day again for me. I think a crockpot dinner is in the works for tonight.

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