Friday, October 7, 2016

Distracted by Hostas

Yes, I'm being squirrelly again.  I went out yesterday to plant the irises given by a friend, and got distracted by hostas.  I have a bed of hostas that I had originally planned to move this fall, then got lazy and decided to let them wait until next spring. (In hope that there would be a miracle over the winter and they would all die off so I wouldn't have to dig them up!)  At the last minute yesterday, I decided to move the hostas to the same bed as where the irises will go.

This is the picnic area of our patio and there's a planting bed on three sides of it. When we moved in, it was filled with really ugly bushes that were waaay past their time. And there was a 6"deep layer of river rock mulch covering the plastic landscape fabric. Every planting bed on this property is covered with that river rock mulch, which I hate.  So this summer, Don and the neighbor boy worked at removing the bushes and digging out the rock.  The final result is a 3' wide planting bed of dirt around 3 sides of this picnic area.  

This is one corner of the area with some newly transplanted hostas and the 2 bags of iris corms waiting to be planted.  The plan is to fill the entire bed with hostas and iris and fill in spots with rid impatiens for summer color.  This area gets partial sunlight all day and I don't know how the iris will do here. I'll plant some in a sunnier area as well in case they fail here, I'll still have more.

So, I moved all the hostas and by the time I finished that, I was too tired to plant any irises. And last night we had several hours of steady rain which was good for the newly transplanted hostas but not so good for planting irises today.  So they will wait until the soil dries out a bit--maybe tomorrow.

I did accomplish all the jobs I had lined up for myself yesterday--housework, guild work, and time in the sewing room.  I was able to complete the rest of the pumpkin blocks but was at a loss as to how to assemble them into something useable. The light bulb flashed on this morning!  I have a plan as to what I'll be doing with them and as soon as I finish my daily household chore, I'll be sewing away on this project.  I promise a picture when it's all assembled.

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