Friday, March 10, 2017

Back home

I made is safely back home after my journey to the prison. I took 7 trash bags filled with felt, fleece, and wool fabric to the prison rehab program. They'll turn these unwanted bits and pieces into toys, mittens, and who knows what else that will be donated to various agencies in the local community. It's a triple win--closets are cleared out, prisoners have meaningful work to do, and charities get what they need for their programs.

Before I ramble on, let me clarify something. I've been joking about being locked up in the prison, but I know it's not a joke at all. Being a prisoner is no picnic.  While I've never been in a prison or a jail as an inmate, I have visited quite a few in my career as a social worker, once having to see a client in a maximum security prison. Let me tell you, the echoing sound of the doors closing behind you as you're escorted into the heart of the prison is spine chilling to say the least. So my joking about my trip to the prison is being said with full knowledge that prisons are with us to serve a purpose but it's really not a joking matter.  

I hope this clears up where I'm coming from as far as this trip goes.  After I dropped off the bags, I headed to the local quilt shop to find some fabric to use for the pine tree border of Among the Pines.  And I found something that I think will work just fine. Haven't seen it up against the piece yet--I'll bring it down to the sewing room after I finish this.

I also headed to Eau Claire to get some things at the office supply store and to see if I could find a pair of shoes that would fit me.  And yes, I did!  And they're BLUE!!!

I've always had white running shoes back in the day, and more recently, walking shoes, and some of them had some bright accent colors, but BLUE!  I'm delighted to have such pretty shoes!  I'll have to go somewhere today so I can where them.  In the house, and especially when I'm sewing, I leave my shoes off.

I never did get back into the sewing room yesterday. By the time I got home, it was time to get some dinner fixed and settle in to an evening of Hulu, so that's what I did.

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