Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Groovin' Along

I think I'm finally getting back in the groove as far as sewing goes. Yesterday was quite productive. Besides spending a couple of hours searching the interwebs for a pattern to make this quilt . . .

 which I was unsuccessful in finding. Nuts! It appears that this quilt is one that's custom made by an Amish community in Pennsylvania.  I've been finding many similar designs, but nothing with a pattern.  I ended my search by emailing my favorite quilt shop and asking for help.  I've got my fingers crossed that they will be able to locate a similar pattern.  If not, I'll have to help the customer find another design that they like.

After I finished wasting time on the computer, I went downstairs and worked on Among the Pines and this is as far as I got.  I have one of the side panels finished and strips cut to frame it up, but the other side panel is being stitched yet. That's the one that I overlooked until the other day.

I'm quite pleased at how this is turning out. The fabric framing really sets off the embroidery.  I'm thinking that I'll follow the designer's lead as far as the quilting goes--simple Stitch in the Ditch along the seams of the strips and none in the embroidery blocks.

Last night after dinner, I continued to work on stitching the for-certain final block of Among the Pines.  For awhile, I listened to the talking heads going on about the day's political events and then turned to Hulu and caught a couple of episodes of McLeod's Daughters.  This is an Australian series which is a little old but still good. A nice diversion.  I think there are 8 seasons with 20 +/- episodes each season.  I began with Season 1 and am now about halfway through Season 4.  I like this series because it's about strong confident young women running a ranch in Australia and I like to see women portrayed like that. I'm sure I'll finish my embroidery project long before I finish this series.  :)

I got an email this morning from my other customer saying she likes the newest layout for her wall quilt, so I can get started on that today, I hope.

But before any sewing gets done, I have to make a run to the library.  The guild is holding a quilt exhibit at the public library next month to celebrate both library week and quilting week.  I was going through a stack of papers the other day and discovered the contract that I'd received before we went to Alabama and totally forgot to fill out and take to the library. I MUST get that done today!  

I also have to gather together everything I need to take to guild meeting tonight.  I'm giving a demo on the proper way to attach borders to a quilt--several of the members have wondered why their borders wave and ripple so I thought a tutorial was called for. Besides, it never hurts for experienced quilters to have a refresher.  I can tell you that I must have been wearing my smarty pants yesterday when I decided to email everyone in the guild a copy of my hand out instead of printing 40 copies of 4 pages each.  Maybe this old girl can learn a few tricks after all!  I think I saved a tree with that decision, or at least a small bush.  LOL

It looks like I have another full day facing me.  What's on your list to do today.

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  1. Hey Barb. Loving your embroidery. On the customer quilt, looks like a broken star quilt with a medallion appliquéd in the center and New York beauty blocks instead of plain blocks. i know where there is a good free broken star pattern if you can draft the center and the beauty blocks. I tried to do something very similar on my broken star quilt but my scale was too small for the beauty blocks to look right. Lane