Friday, March 3, 2017

Embroidery finish!

Yes! I finished the last of the embroidered blocks for Among the Pines!  While I enjoyed stitching this project, I'm happy to see the hand work finished. Now to size up the blocks and frame them with fabric and turn it into a wall quilt.  Speaking of sizing up the blocks, what do you think happened here?  Why is one block so much smaller than the other?  The one on the bottom was rinsed out in cool water and the one on top still has the sticky stuff on it.  I'll rinse that out later today and I'll dampen the small block too. I usually press the blocks when they're still damp from the rinsing but I let the small block air dry, so maybe that's why it's smaller. Or, it could be that I simply cut the fabric a little smaller on one or maybe bigger on the other.  Whatever, there's plenty of extra fabric so I should be able to trim them up just fine.

Yesterday I was too tired to post anything, and really didn't  have anything to write about. I was up before dawn to take Don the the airport shuttle so I was a bit on the tired side all day. I'm not a napping person so I tried to stay busy and awake all day, and I did. One of the things I did was drive to a lady's home to see her about making a wall quilt for her dining room.  She had the fabrics she wanted me to use and we explored lots of designs until we came up with something she likes.  I'll draw the design out on graph paper today, coloring it in with the various colors she chose--Good thing I bought a 64 box of Crayolas for my embroidery work!--and email it to her before I cut any of the fabric.  It's a really simple design but since she's not a quilter, she's willing to pay me to make it for her. Yea!  The money will go into the Jolly ruby Fund for people with disabilities who need a little cash to get over an unexpected financial hump.  I say Jolly Ruby is a "triple win"--I get to make quilts, the buyers get a nice quilt for their home, and the money goes for a great cause!

Don's flight was supposed to be from Minneapolis to LaGuarda and then on to Portland ME, but         there were problems. First, he was delayed a couple hours in Mpls, but when he explained to the gate attendant that he needed to catch a connecting flight to Portland, he was put on a different plane to Detroit, and then on to Portland. Upside--he was put in First Class!  😀  Down side--he had a 7 hour layover in Detroit! 😞  Fortunately, Detroit has a much nicer airport than LaGuardia's and Don, the social butterfly that he is, used his time there to chat and make friends with everyone who came along.  (I don't think he was ever told not to talk to strangers!) He arrived in Portland 7 hours later than planned and will likely spend the day resting!  Or maybe making dates to meet up with his new friends!

My daughter, Jo, was planning on coming over tonight after work for dinner and to spend Saturday with me, but she's changed her mind and will arrive tomorrow sometime. That's fine with me because it gives me more time to make this dish that I'd planned for tonight's dinner.  It's Red Wine Braised Shortribs and I found it at Epicurious.  I think it looks super delicious and since the weather today is clear but cold, I think it will do the job for tonight's dinner.  I'll have lots of leftovers I'm sure, that I'll pack up for Jo to take home with her and have for dinner later in the week.  Some mashed potatoes to go with, green beans from the garden (frozen) and a green salad--should be good!

I have to make a run to the grocery store to get the things I need for this meal and for the Buffalo Chicken Soup that I'll have for lunch tomorrow. 

Buffalo Chicken Soup

This soup includes chicken, celery, blue cheese, and hot sauce and I just love it. I only make it when Don's gone since he has no affection for blue cheese and without the blue, it's just chicken soup!  I know Jo likes Buffalo Chicken Wings so I'm sure she'll like this soup. Again, the leftovers go home with her.  If I didn't give her my leftovers, I think she'd starve to death!  She says she's too tired when she gets home to cook, and I know she really appreciates having home cooked food in the freezer waiting for her in the evening.  Also, it means she'll come and visit when she gets low on food and I like having her come by!  

Enough about food.  I'm getting hungry and it's time to get to the store so I can start on the short ribs. They need to cook in the oven for 2 1/2 hours and I'll run over to Eau Claire during that time and pick up my sewing machine.  I'm eager to have it back home and see if the tension problems have been fixed.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I have a busy Friday staring at me--what about you?    

Red Wine-Braised Short Ribs / Christopher Testani

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