Thursday, March 9, 2017

Going to the Big House

I got as far as this yesterday on Among the Pines.  Finished embroidering the last block and framed up the 2 side rectangles. Then I was able to join all the pieces together and I got the first border attached. The second border is pieced--it's little pine trees made with flying geese units attached to a tree trunk.  I have the greens for the trees and the brown for the trunks, but I don't have enough of anything for the background.  That means a trip to the LQS today--Yea!  If everything goes as I want it to (Yeah, right!) I'll have this baby finished and quilted up--and maybe even bound by Sunday night.  I'd offer to take bets, but "as usual, no wagering."

I'm getting impressed with the size of this wall hanging. The pattern says it finishes at 42" square, but laid out on the floor, it seems bigger than that, even without the final border.  I already know it's too big to hang where I'd planned, so I guess it's time to put up the large quilt rack that I bought at a garage sale last summer and display it on that one.

It looks as though I'll be on the road for a bit today.  In addition to going to the quilt store, I want to get a new pair of walking shoes, make a stop at the grocery store, and I have all this stuff to take to the area prison.  

Yes, indeedy, I"m going to prison--well, not for too long anyway . At least, I'm hoping they won't want to keep me there. I wouldn't quite fit in--I'd be Jonesin' for my sewing machine and fabric, and quilting withdrawal is not a pretty sight!

These garbage bags are filled with fleece, felt, and wool, all leftovers from projects.  My friend cleaned out her mother's house and had no use for these things. Well, I know of just the place. Selected inmates at the nearby prison work on making dolls, teddy bears and other stuffed animals, knit hats, scarves, and mittens, and so forth  to give to the community. The toys go to the hospital and ambulance crews and police officers, and the hats. mittens, and scarves go to the area schools.  This is a rehab program for the inmates and they are prohibited from making any money off these items. They're always looking for donations, and today I think they'll get something to keep them busy for awhile.

Before I do any of these things tho, I have to get to the local Sprint store to get my phone working again. I had arranged to have the bill taken out of my checking account via my debit card, and it's worked very well until today. I got an email saying there wasn't sufficient money on the card to pay the bill. Well, that's because my card was hacked and I have a new one now that they don't know anything about. I tried calling and the electronic menu wouldn't do anything for me until I gave them my PIN, which I have no idea what it is. So, I have to make a stop in person at the store to get this fixed.  Electronics are wonderful except when they're not, and today, they're not.   

But shopping and errands await me, so I'm going off the computer to start preparing for my visit to the prison!  Oh, yes, I nearly forgot.  I also have to get a new supply of cat litter for Mr. Clem. 

If I don't he'll make my life so miserable I'll be wishing to be in the prison instead.  

Hope you're day bodes well for you.

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