Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nothing to see here, folks

Move along, move along.  Nothing to see here--that you haven't already seen before.  I'm talking about Among the Pines, which I'm happy to say is totally, completely, 100% finished!  I did all the hand sewing last night--even the label--and it's done!  I'm sure you're as bored hearing about it as I am writing about it.  😊

Today I have a couple of things to get done before I can get to the sewing room and begin on something new.  I think it'll be the wall quilt I need to make for my customer, sketched here

but before I begin, I think I'll make a couple of the blocks for the Solstice Challenge that I started when I was in Alabama. Working on the Pines quilt has set me back a few weeks and I really would like to catch up, and keep up if I can.  

I also got a question from my daughter Jo about her T shirt quilt.  That requires some un-sewing and then re-sewing and I can begin the unsewing in the evening since I have no embroidery projects made up yet.  But Jo's quilt will have to wait until the customer quilt is done and out of the house. Then, I'll concentrate on it.

Got to get going--busy, busy day!  At least we're not having the snow that folks on the east coast are getting. If you live in that area, stay home and stay safe.  

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