Saturday, March 11, 2017

I'm literally "Among the Pines"

Yesterday was dedicated to making the pieced border for my stitchery project. I got all 40 of them made as you can see . . .

The tan is the background fabric I picked up on the journey to the prison and I think it's working out just fine.  I used 5 different dark greens--I'd also used them in the framing of the embroidered blocks--and pulled a brown from my stash.  Today, I join them together--10 on a side--and stitch them on together with corner posts..  If I'm really ambitious (and I think I need to be in order to get this done!) I'll begin the quilting as well.

In addition to making the trees, I also copied the embroidered label and began stitching it as I sat in front of the tv last night.  I have about half of it done and hope to get it finished up tonight.  

Besides this, I had an impromptu visit from a neighbor who also is a guild member. Carol is retired but has a long arm in her house so she keeps very busy quilting other people's quilts as well as making her own.  She came by to drop off a Dr. Seuss quilt she made for the library quilt show, and we had to have a cup of coffee and a chat as long as she was here.  I don't know her very well, but she lives around the corner from me and I've invited her to come over for a visit whenever she has time but yesterday was the first time she stopped by in the 3+ years we've lived here. Every time I speak with her, I realize that we have so much in common, we should be BFFs, but it doesn't seem to happen.  Oh well. I guess it's not to be, but I did enjoy her visit very much.  

I also did some organizing of the quilts that have come in for the library show.  We will be displaying one quilt a day at the local public library for the first 2 weeks in April and all the quilts are related to books in some fashion. I have to make up a page describing the quilt, the quilt maker, and the book that's associated with the quilt.  For example, my entry is called "Among the Pines" (as you well know 😊) and it's from a pattern by Beth Ritter of Wellington House Designs. Hand embroidered, pieced and quilted by me.  It reminds me of a book I listened to on "Chapter a Day" on Wisconsin Public Radio several years ago and more recently read on my E-reader called "Return to Wake Robin," a memoir written by Marnie O. Mamminga of summers spent at her family's cabin at a lake near Hayward, WI in the 1950's and 60s.  So I'll write up something like that and on the day my  quilt is displayed, the page will be displayed at the book checkout desk as well so library patrons can learn a little about the quilt and the book. We're having a bed turning on April 8 and these descriptions will be used at that event as well.  All the quilts are coming to my house, so I'm in charge of taking care of this.  That reminds me I also have to send a press release to the local papers about the show. It's all written up so I'll take care of that as soon as I'm finished here.

Today requires that I give some attention to house cleaning and laundry. I'm wearing my last pair of clean socks today, so I absolutely have to do laundry.  Since this post is shy on photos, I thought I should include this one to keep you entertained.   😉   

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