Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dreary springtime here

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Yes, while the temps are struggling to reach into the 40's and 50's, the sky is overcast and all day yesterday, it looked as though a downpour would come any minute. But it never did.  This is the most difficult time the year for me, and I suspect the same for many others who live in the Northern tier of the US, when I am so anxious for spring to be here, and yet Mother Nature teases and teases every day.  My tulips and daffys survived the recent cold snap we had and don't look as though they got frostbitten, but with the clouds and the chill, they haven't made much more progress in their growth. I'd post a picture of them, but it's basically just dirt with a couple of green sprigs mixed in.

The upside of this kind of weather is that it's perfect for the maple syrup farmers. While we normally associate maple syrup with the state of Vermont, actually, Wisconsin ranks 3rd in the nation in syrup production, after Vermont and Maine.  Here, however, syrup harvesting is a bit of a sideline for most farmers, and it's perfect for "real" farmers, since the season comes at the end of winter and before the spring planting season.  Getting a good flow of maple sap requires nights with temps below freezing and days with temps above freezing which is what we're having here in WI right now.  So, while I'm longing for warmer weather, the syrup farmers are just fine with things the way they are now.  I won't complain the next time I pour real maple syrup over my breakfast pancakes, will I?

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Why, you ask, is she prattling on about maple syrup?  Because yesterday was a very boring day, that's why. And I want to post about something positive every day. Maple syrup came to mind, and I challenge anyone to say that maple syrup isn't something positive!

Yesterday morning, I decided to do a "little" work on organizing things for the library quilt show and before I knew it, several hours had passed by.  I got everything done that I could for now and since it was getting late in the day, I decided to skip working on Jo's T shirt quilt.  Instead, I made up a pot of (really good!) chili for Don and his friend so they could keep up their energy while watching basketball, and then spent some time reading a book that I'm anxious to get finished so I know who's committing the murders in Victorian London.

Well, that's how my quiet and boring day went.  I think I may have something more exciting to report tomorrow--squirrels scampering across the lawn, maybe!  LOL!

Let's hope your day is exactly how you want it to be, even though that may be a bit boring, okay?

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