Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just more of the same

I've always been a quilter who likes to work on one project at a time and I think I get too distracted when I have too many quilts in the works. One of the down sides to this way of working is that it's day after day of the same thing. I get bored with it, and I'm sure my readers get bored as well.  Right now, I'm working on the customer quilt, Jo's T shirt quilt, and the 182 day Solstice Challenge, and right along in my brain are thoughts of the Farmer's Wife quilt that was started and put aside after 8 blocks were made last fall, and the plans to work on the Pony Club quilt for Lily.  OMG!  I feel overwhelmed!  Way too much stress for me!  I think I'm better off with one project at a time, with a leader/ender quilt to work on as I go.

So, I apologize for how boring my posts have become, but that's just the way my life is.  Yesterday I didn't post because I didn't do anything quilty or sewy related.  I read all afternoon, and loved it. I've begun a new book, something by Jane Smalley, one of my favorite authors.  It's just yummy!

The day before, however, I got the borders on Jo's quilt and set it aside until I return from Washington.  I'll make up the back and get it ready to be pinned into a sandwich and quilted up when I get home.  I also took out the customer quilt and cut the border strips out of the fabric she chose.  I got the two long sides stitched on . . Oh Oh!  I see a problem here.

I sent this pic to her but haven't heard back yet.  The problem is I remember discussing whether or not to insert a white stop border before attaching the brown "frame" but I don't remember what she decided.  It's not a big problem to take off the borders I've already stitched on and put in the white, but until I hear from her, I'm not going to go any further.  

Yesterday, another Solstice block was released, but I didn't bother to even look at it, much less make it up.  It's called Honey Bee block and it's another 12.5" block so I'll go ahead and make it up. This one calls for some applique, so I'll get a chance to practise some needle turn applique, something I've been wanting to master for some time now.

Today is a cleaning day for me with a trip to the grocery store as well. Guests are arriving tomorrow night for the weekend and I have to be prepared. I also have to do some more work on the library quilt show and that will take some time.  While I'm doing all this, Donald has decided to "drain the swamp."  

While I wish the Donald in DC would really drain the swamp out there, my Donald here in WI will be draining the "swamp" in our back yard.  :)  In the fall, we put a tarp over the swimming pool to keep leaves, sticks, and so forth out of the water that stays in the pool all winter. Snow and ice accumulate on top of the tarp and in the spring, when it's melted, Don siphons it off so it doesn't get in the pool water when he removes the tarp.  So that's his big job of the day. When he's finished with our "swamp," I'm going to sent him out East to take care of things in the capital as well.  I wish it was so easy!

Time to get out the vacuum and get a move on. Lots to accomplish today.

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