Saturday, March 18, 2017

Just more of the same here

I was busy all day yesterday, mostly cleaning the house. We're having guests for the upcoming weekend and I wanted to get a head start on the cleaning so I wasn't overloaded at the last minute. So, unfortunately, cleaning took precedent over sewing.  Sigh! 😒

After I finished all my chores for the day, I spent a couple of hours sewing. This is the last Solstice Challenge block that I'm going to be making for now.  Next Wed. Pat Sloan will release a new block and I'll take a look at it to see if it's the size I want to make.

This block uses the same pale green fabric which is the constant in all the blocks, and a red and green plaid I found in my shoebox of old Christmas fabrics.  At first, I had doubts about using this fabric but I think it looks pretty good now that its all finished up.  I should begin making plans for the sashing for these quilts and get started on assembling them.  It will take some thought to making a decision about the sashing, and then the border. I'll probably make a scrappy border using bits of all the fabrics in the blocks, and if I can decide how I want to make it, I can begin making the units as leaders and enders as I stitch the blocks.  We'll see what my brain comes up with.

After this block was done, I took out Jo's T shirt quilt and began unstitching it. I had worked on it while in Alabama for the month of February and I'd laid it out 3 rows across and 5 down.  

Then Jo told me she probably would be hanging it and not using it as a couch throw. That meant it was too long and narrow for her space, so I decided to take off the top row of blocks and put those 3 along the side, but doing it that way meant I was short one block. Well, Jo had another T shirt that she wanted in the quilt and brought it to me last weekend.  Yesterday, I got the top 3 blocks unstitched, and today, I'll make up the extra block and get the top sewn together again. It still needs a border and I found a very nice fabric in Pensacola to use for that as well as for the binding so I'll try to get that on before I leave on the 30th.

 As soon as I return from my trip to WA, I'll be sandwiching the T shirt quilt and this aqua throw quilt top I finished while in Alabama and will get both quilted up. 

As well as finishing the wall quilt for my customer.  I think I'll be a little busy for awhile, don't you?

In the meantime, I have to prepare an embroidery project to take with me for the train ride home from WA.  I have just the thing in mind. Just have to find some fabric and get the designs traced out.  

That's it for today. I have to find time today to make a pot of chili. Don's friend is coming over to watch basketball  (while I sew!) and a bowl of chili with some grated WI cheddar on top will be just the thing for their supper.  

I hope your Saturday is filled with wonderful things that make your heart sing! 

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