Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New things to share!

I got busy yesterday, cutting and stitching the center of the wall quilt I'm making for a customer.  I've shown you the drawing I made for her approval, and here's the quilt as far as I got it yesterday.

I've emailed the picture to her for her approval and if she's satisfied, we'll get together to choose a border fabric.  I don't have enough of any of the fabrics she'd already purchased to go all the way around, and personally, I don't think a border using more than one fabric would look very good. If she want to to it that way, I will, After all, it's her quilt and she's the one who'll be seeing it everyday,so I want it to be what she likes. So that project is on hold until I hear from her.

This morning I had to get up early to get the the doc's office for a pre-surgical exam.  Just to refresh your memory, I injured my thumb last May when I indulged in a marathon knitting session.  When I woke up the next day, I had extremely piercing pain in my wrist.  Fast forward past the various things I've tried to get this thing to heal to the conclusion that I need surgery to really and truly fix it.  It's called DeQuervain's Syndrome and it's like carpal tunnel at the base of the thumb. Day surgery is scheduled for the middle of April and I'll be very happy to get my hand and forearm out of the stinky hot brace that I've been wearing for months now!  Freedom!  My wrist wants to be Free!

After the very quick and easy medical appointment, I decided I should stop at a new quilt shop in Eau Claire that I'd heard about. I'm so glad my phone was able to give me directions, otherwise I never would have found it.    It's called Stitch Supply Co. and it's actually in Altoona, WI which is a "suburb" of Eau Claire.  ;o) 

I was simply struck down when I opened the door by the amazing colors in this shop! First of all, I can't find a picture of the exterior of the shop on their website, and I forgot to take one myself.  Oh well, it's a rather humdrum exterior but Oh the goodies contained inside!

Today is a cold but very sunny day and this shop has windows galore!  The sun was streaming in, making it a little hard to get clear pictures so bear with me, okay?  The gals in the shop said it was okay for me to take some photos--didn't we used to say "snap pictures?"  Whatever happened to that phrase?  Anyway, the shop carries modern quilting fabrics of all kinds of designs and colors.  I found a few fat quarters that needed to come home with me to live in my stash of neutrals, and I'll definitely return when I have a pattern that fits the modern trend.

This is a picture of one side of the fabric area of the store.

In addition to fabric and quilting supplies, they also carry an assortment of yarns and knitting supplies and this is a pic of the seating area for knitters.  

More of their gorgeous yarns.

And a display of their perle cotton collection. I forgot to see if they had wool for sale but I suspect they do since they have all this perle cotton.  I'll have to check the next time I visit.  See what I mean about all the colors!

They also have a really, really nice retreat center in the back half of the building. They can take up to 16 people with 4 beds in each of the 4 bedroom/bathroom suites.  A kitchen so we can prepare our own meals, a lounge and an outdoor patio for the summer time.  All of it is really nice and beautifully decorated.  I think my guild should check this out for our next spring retreat.

After I left the shop, I made a quick stop at Target and headed home with a new coffee maker in the back seat of the car. And yes, I did pay for it before I left the store!  

What a good day I've been having!  Blue skies and sunshine!  Passed the medical exam! (I'm still alive and kicking!) Beautiful fabric and yarn eye candy! New coffee pot! I think I'll just go to bed for the rest of the day to be sure that nothing negative happens!  Alas, I can't do that. I have Christmas blocks from the Solstice Challenge to work on this afternoon, so off I go.

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