Friday, March 24, 2017

No sewing again

I didn't even step foot in the sewing room yesterday. I was cleaning, shopping, working on the library quilt show, and in the evening, Don and I went to hear the candidates for school board in the upcoming election.  I thought it would be easy to decide on which ones I want to vote for, but they all made excellent points on where they want to see the district go. It's going to be a difficult choice on April 4 when we have to choose.

I received a response from my customer about the inner border. She thinks I should put one in, and I agree.  After this weekend of visitors, I'll go downstairs and take off the brown borders and insert the 1" stop border.  Should be sandwiched and maybe even quilted up before I leave on the 30th.  

My preparations were interrupted when the doorbell rang and the florist delivered this gorgeous bouquet of yellow roses!  I had no idea who would send them and why, until I opened the card. From my Best Friend of 40 years as a belated birthday gift!  She is so sweet and thoughtful!  I can't remember the last time I got a bouquet of roses--except from the Rotary Club sale!  Thank you, Bonnie.  I love you--you are the sister I always wished for!

And an update on the backyard swamp. Don got it all drained off except for about 1/2" of water, and was feeling very pleased that it was done. This morning, we woke up to a gentle and steady rain! Swamp's filling up again--just like in DC!  Well, at least my swamp is easier to drain and clean up than that of the politicians, I think.

Today, I have to run the vacuum over the rugs and then begin cooking.  I'm going to get as much food prepared ahead of time so I won't be stuck in the kitchen all the weekend.  I want to enjoy the party with the rellies too!  My son Dan and his family are arriving this evening. This is his last day at work before he moves to Washington, and he's feeling quite happy about that.  He had a fairly good job with a law firm, but it was pretty much a dead end for him, career-wise.  Not the case with the new job.  The job is more in his line of work and there will be lots of opportunities for him to advance in the future.  Just like my daughter who moved to Maine, Dan's taking a chance but there's every reason to think this will turn out to be a good thing for all of them.

So this weekend, we'll be having a good by celebration for him, and then on Wednesday, he's coming back with a car loaded with stuff and he and I will begin our road trip, with a train trip to bring me back home a few days later.  I hope Don and I can take the train to have a visit with him in the fall, but it's a little early for planning that, I think.

So, I'm off to get the cleaning finished, and then I'll be hidden in the kitchen the rest of the day.  Probably won't have time to post until maybe Sunday afternoon when everyone has left.  Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

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