Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Not much today

A very brief post because there is really nothing to write about from yesterday's activities.  By the time I was finished with the computer and had done my minimal housekeeping chores. I only had an hour to work on Jo's T shirt quilt. I measured--three times!--the length of the quilt and then proceeded to cut the border strips 1 1/2 inches too short!  How does that happen to me?  I swear there's something wired wrong in my brain!

There wasn't enough time to begin plan B because I had to leave to meet my customer at the fabric store.  Today, I'll begin piecing the too-short border strips together and hope to get that done and out of the way.

At the fabric store, first of all, my customer really liked what I'd constructed so far for her wall quilt.

She auditioned several orange fabrics but didn't seem satisfied. Then we went in a new direction and looked at black, dark gray, and brown fabrics which would seem like a frame. She decided on a brown with gold flecks in it, that I also think will look very nice.  It'll really set off the quilt against the wall. She also told me to do lots of quilting in the spaces--not just stitch in the ditch--so I'm happy that I get to play and practice my skills.

Today, I tackle a mountain of laundry and work in the sewing room.  Oh, yes. I took a long look at my tulips and daffys yesterday, and they grew a little, I think,(wishful thinking maybe)  and more of them have poked up through the dirt. I'm really ready to see them grown up and ready to bloom. I'll post a pic when they do!

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