Saturday, November 8, 2014

2014 quilt tour

The 2014 quilt tour is over!  It was a lot of hard work but everyone on the crew was so reliable and willing to do not only their job but to help wherever needed, that it was a fun kind of hard work. Before I get into the pictures I took at the show, let me explain why it's called a quilt "tour" and not "show." 

The Bridge to Hope is the local domestic abuse agency and last year they came up with the idea of holding a quilt tour, similar to a garden tour, as a way to raise some money for themselves. It was so successful last year that they decided to repeat it again this year, and then to hold it alternate even numbered years.  One buys a "passport" at one of the 5 sites and then can go to each site to see the quilts. This year, they used 4 churches and a quilt retreat center. A guild or quilting group puts on a mini show at each of the sites, except at the site that my guild uses, it's so big that we have 2 guilds' shows there.  There are raffles at each site, coffee and cookies and hand made things for sale as well at each site.  

My role is to coordinate the show that our guild puts on at our site, and let me tell you, I have never worked with a better group of people!  Every single one followed through on what they said they were going to do and then offered to do more!  I've never  had the experience of such reliable people!  And I will email each of them my heartfelt thanks for being there for me when I need them.

Before the doors opened this morning, I took some pictures of the quilts exhibited by my guild, not all of them, but ones that I particularly liked. This is an assortment of small wall hangings and table quilts, made by various guild members.

This quilt is called "Stairway to Cat Heaven"  and being the crazy cat lady that I am, I love it!  She made it out of dark blue flannels--the better to show off that cat hair, right?  I'd like to make one for my daughter and granddaughter who also are crazy cat ladies.

This quilt was draped on a couch so not all of it shows up here, but I like the spareness of it.

This is a Christmas row quilt that refuses to rotate to be upright for me. It was cute and colorful and although I have the instructions on how to make it, I haven't begun it yet.

Next is the kind of quilt I really like for myself but have rarely made. It looks much brighter here than it really is--it's soft, dusty Civil War type fabrics.

This is the quilt I made for my daughter depicting the colors of the sea and the beach. It goes off in the mail to her in Maine on Monday.

This quilt is made with appliqued vines and leaves using batik fabrics--so lovely.

A red-white-and-blue sampler quilt.

This little quilt was called "3D Pigs." The pigs' ears were flappy and there was a little wire in the tail so it could be curled. The lady who made this is a native of Iowa!

The last quilt is a Judy Neidermeyer (not sure of the spelling) quilt that one of our members made in a class last year, and it is a real treasure.  It's all paper pieced and the points are so precise and sharp. I wish I could wrap my brain around the concept of paper piecing so I could create such a beautiful quilt.

So, that's the quilt tour that I was part of today.  And I'm very tired tonight and don't plan on doing anything except to watch tv and have a glass of wine--or two if I have the ambition to get up to get it!  

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  1. I saw another Christmas row quilt this weekend and along with your picture , I think Ive been convinced to give one a try. So different from other Christmas quilts and so pretty!

    Love the CW repro quilt.More and more I’m liking traditional patterns and more muted colours.

    Lovely to see your beautiful quilt among those on show. And the Pig quilt is very fun!