Monday, November 17, 2014

I missed a day!

Sorry about that.  I was so overwhelmed by my shopping trip yesterday that I totally blanked on writing my daily post.  I said I wanted to post daily for the month of November--can I make up for it with 2 posts in one day?

Yesterday, I and a couple of other quilters went on a trip to Bloomington, MN to check out a new discount fabric store called S. R. Harris. There's a store in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis and recently they opened a new store in the south which may be closer to where I live.  This is a blurry photo of the Northern store taken from the website here and you can see this is a warehouse kind of place with bolts of fabrics stacked helter skelter with no organization.  The first time I went there, I just about lost my mind!  

SR Harris Fabric Outlet

The new store is organized with bolts of fabrics set upright on the shelves instead of laying flat as in the warehouse, so it was much easier to find the fabrics we wanted. And, boy oh boy, did we find fabrics! We each came in with a list of what we wanted to get and then we each found a few extras that we had to take home with us.  I was lucky since my husband had asked me to find some fabric for him, so he never questioned how much I spent.  :) The deal at SR Harris is that the price is 1/2 the marked price on the bolt so fabric selling for $12.99 was actually priced at $6.50--pretty good in my book!

This is the fabric I got for Don. He has a closet in his golf room that doesn't have a door so he asked me to make a curtain for it and this is what I chose.  I think it'll look pretty good in there, and he likes it too.

For myself I chose a lot. Below is a black and brown houndstooth that I will use in the pumpkin table runners as sashing between the blocks and for binding.  The other two fabrics are really washed out in this photo but they are Civil War fabrics that I'm going to use in Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt. I decided to make this quilt with muted Civil War fabrics instead of the brights she chose.  If you want to do this mystery too, go to her blog here quiltville blog and check out the Grand Illusion mystery quilt.  I believe she will release the first directions soon.

These two fabrics I chose as backings. One for a Christmas throw quilt I made a few years ago and which my daughter has asked for. The other fabric--with crows, sunflowers, scarecrows and a few pumpkins-- will be the backing of the pumpkin table runners.

Next are a couple of fabrics I chose to add to my collection of blacks and neutrals. The cream colored one has a map on it--looks like a harbor of some sort, but I have no idea if it's New York or Sydney  I just liked it!

Next on my list was a black and white fabric to use as sashing for my little 3 1/2" crumb blocks. I counted them the other day and I have 50 of them completed so I guess it's time to begin assembling them into a quilt, right?

Also on my list was to find 10 little scissors and I did. For some time I've had this pattern to make little scissor cases and I decided I would make one for each of the primary guild members who helped with last week's quilt tour. I found a partial pack of charm squares with enough coordinating fabrics to make 10 scissor cases, so I want to get them done asap and get them to their rightful owners.

What was not on my list were these 2 fabrics but when I saw them, I had to get them to make pillowcases for Christmas gifts for my cat-crazy daughters and granddaughters.  I'll add a bright colored flange between the yellow cat fabric body of the case and the zig-zaggy fabric for the cuff.  

And that was "all" I got at SR Harris yesterday. Whew!  Now, today I have to go straighten out my sewing room so there's space for all this new stuff!  And I really should do some sewing too, don't you think?

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  1. I have a store here that looks a little like your picture. Rows and Rows of fabrics, loosely put together in colours and it can be quite overwhelming when you first walk in. Crazy bargains though to be had so it becomes a lot of fun looking at all the great fabrics and making choices to bring home.

    The black and white fabric for your crumb blocks is perfect. Those blocks completely pop against that fabric. And I am really liking that scissor keeper pattern – sweet as !!! How thoughtful of you to make that many scissor keepers as a thankyou present.

    PS. Doesn’t matter that you missed a day . Down under because of the time difference I didn’t notice !!!