Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Great Day for America!

All the votes have been counted, all the predictions made, all the acceptance and thank you speeches have been made.  Do I like how the elections turned out?  Some yes, some no. But what I do like, and what makes this a GREAT day for America is that IT'S OVER!  All of it is over!  No more non-stop ads! No more mailbox filled with election flyers!  No more pundits prattling on and on about it!  IT'S OVER!  And that makes it a GREAT day here in middle America.

Today, my headache is still with me, but not nearly as bad as on the first day, thank goodness!  I'm thinking it has something to do with atmospheric pressure and I'm going to keep track of the times I get these headaches and notice the weather at those times to see if there's a connection. Or maybe it was simply overload from all the election crap we've had to put up with!  Maybe I'll be headache free for the next 2 years!  Wouldn't that be a treat!

Yesterday, I didn't let the headache keep me down.  I forced myself to go outside and clean up the potted plants and window boxes.  I really don't want to look at those dead plants all winter, do I?  In the process, I found a couple of plastic window box inserts which will be perfect to use on the garden shed next summer.  I can't wait to plant the red flowers in them and see how they look on the newly painted shed.

So after I finished the outside chores, I came in to the sewing room and spent most of the afternoon down there, stitching the half square triangles into 4 long chains to be used in the border of the Sister's Choice quilt.  There are 88 in the side borders and 98 in the top borders--or vice versa, I'm not sure.  All I know is it took all afternoon to stitch together these 372 little bits! I was concerned that I might not have enough of them--Hah!  Not only did I have enough HST to make the border strips, but I have about 200 additional ones!  What am I going to do with them?  Maybe a bear's paw quilt is in my future?  Today, I want to get all the borders on that top and then I can set it aside (with a half dozen other finished tops!) to wait for me to get around to quilting it

And last night I went to our guild meeting.  I love the women in this group so much!  They are so warm and welcoming, and funny!   And that's even before we break out the wine!  (no wine at guild meetings, but what happens at retreat is something else!)  I always leave the meetings with a smile on my face!

In addition to the regular items on the agenda, we brought up the discussion of how large do we want the group to be.  Right now we have 40 members and a year or so back, we debated if we wanted to leave the group open to new members and have unlimited growth, or did we want to put a cap on how large we wanted to be. We decided to take up the issue again when we reached 40 members so last night we did. Both sides have merit--those favoring a cap want the group to remain intimate and easily managed and small enough so that everyone knows everyone.  Those who favor letting the group grow want it to be open to and welcoming to new members and see what happens as we grow.  Personally, I favor letting the group grow and I think I made some convincing arguments for that. In the end, we decided to not make a decision and to let the issue ride until we reach membership of 50.  By doing that, no one got their nose out of joint and all went home happy, but one of these days, we will have to make a firm decision.  It'll be interesting to see how that goes!

Today will be a relatively quiet one here at home. We'll be going to the local flooring store to see how their prices for laminate flooring compare with what we can get at Home Depot.  Don's going to replace the stinky, crappy and ugly industrial carpet in the basement this winter. We want to patronize the local flooring store instead of the big box, but cost has to be considered. So today we'll see what they can do for us.

The rest of the day, I'll be working on the borders for the Sister's Choice quilt and hope to post pix of the finished top tomorrow!  Yea! a (almost) finish is in sight!

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  1. Council elections have been happening here the last couple of weeks too , and while we haven’t been bombarded on TV – Ive certainly been getting an eyeful of election mail and candidate posters . Council elections are not usually well voted on here probably because they aren’t compulsory .

    Like what you got done on the border in spite of your headache .

    Good Luck with the flooring shopping.