Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's been nearly 2 days since I posted!  I've been a little busy, but it's hard to find anything to show for it.  I have no idea where the time has gone, but I'll fill you in a little on what I've been working on.

Today, I managed to make one of the folded Christmas ornament that I found here:  I'm not 100% happy with it so I think I'll try a second one and see if I can make it better.  This pix is pretty dark--have I already whined about how bad the lighting is in my sewing room?  Oh, yeah, I did.--and the fabrics really are a dark red with cartoon reindeer and the lighter fabric is a gold plaid.  I found the little deer buttons that I'd bought a couple of years ago, just because they were on sale, and now I have a chance to actually use them! I have yet to find a ribbon loop to add so it can be hung up, and then it'll be good to go.  

Most of the time, I spent on making 9 more of these little scissor holders.  They're made with 5" squares and a 5" square of batting.  I found the perfect sewing-related fabric in a bundle of charm squares that were given to me several years ago and I used up some batting scraps that I'd been saving.  These aren't difficult but they take time--when I was growing up in Minnesota, folks would say they were "putsy." Does anyone else ever use that term these days?  

Anyway, I finished the one and got most of the other 9 pieced and quilted.  I just have to stitch in the ribbon and stitch up the side to make the triangle. Then I need to find some buttons and they'll be done.  

Both yesterday and today, I found time to work out on the bike, although I really had to talk myself into doing it yesterday.  Finally, I put dinner on the stove on low and pedaled for 20 minutes. Dinner was ready and I felt good. Same thing tonight. My body is feeling a bit stiff and sore--more than it usually does!--and I think that's a good kind of soreness.  I hope it leaves pretty soon, though.  One thing that make pedaling easier is a series I found on Netflix--"Gran Hotel."  It's a Spanish series and so far, there's a mysterious disappearance, some romance, and a little sexiness.  Just what I like in a show!  I don't even mind the subtitles--makes me pay attention instead of just listening.  

Tomorrow should be a humdinger of a quilting day.  I plan to be with the quilting group I found that meets on Fridays for "open sewing."  I think I'll finish up the crazy cat pillowcases made with these fabrics:  

I've begun working on 2 of them and have 2 more to begin, so maybe I'll finish them up tomorrow.  I'll also bring along my red and white quilt and do some more work on sashing and borders.  That should keep me busy all day!  

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