Saturday, November 29, 2014

The day after Balck Friday

I'm so disappointed.  I'd received a flyer from JoAnn's the other day and I took a look at it today. They had fleece priced at 70% off!  I need a new bathrobe and so I went over to the store, coupon book in hand. As usual, the coupons are only good on items that aren't already on sale, but you know that nearly everything in the store is "on sale" all the time, so it's hard to use the coupons. The flyer also had a 20% off your entire order coupon and one for 50% off one non-sale item. So I thought I'd surely be able to use one or more of the coupons.

Got to the store--it was a little busy but for once, there was plenty of staff.  I found the pattern I wanted--it wasn't on sale--and the fleece I wanted, and while I was waiting in line at the cutting table, I found a magazine I wanted.  Fleece got cut so I joined the 7.5 mile long line at the registers!   I made small talk with the lady behind me and it didn't seem to be such a long line then.  Again, there was enough staff so the line moved nicely and while I waited, I took another look at the coupons flyer and decided the 20% off was the better one to use.  Got the the register, gave my things and the coupons to the clerk who informed me that the 20% off ended at noon and it was now 12:30.  She then informed me that the 50% coupon couldn't be used on the pattern or the magazine for some logical reason that I've since forgotten.  I was so disappointed! She pointed out the very smallest print on the coupon with the disclaimers, and which I'd never noticed.  Crap!

This happens everytime I try to use my coupons at JoAnns. Either the items I want are already on sale or there's nothing I need or want that I can use the coupon on.  I give up.  I'm going to throw the flyers in the trash as soon as they come to in the mail and simply go to the store when I need something and not worry about coupons.

The good part of this story of disappointment is that I got a very nice fleece for my robe and I didn't yell or scream or make a scene of any kind.  I'm feeling rather proud of myself for that.  I'm just giving up on JoAnns.


  1. How disappointing ! I like the way though that you turned your shopping expedition into something with a positive spin. You got to chat to someone lovely and you're going to have a lovely robe. But yes- throw those coupons out and take your business elsewhere ( JoAnn's sounds like our Spotlight store)

  2. I remember the Black Fridays when I would be in the JoAnn's at 6am when they opened for Black Friday. Surprisingly, I did not get up this year to go and was not bothered that I did not get up. I don't even know why they continue to waste paper printing coupons when the majority of them can't be used for stuff that we really want. I used to spend hours in JoAnn's. Not so much anymore. I get too frustrated about the prices and coupons! Hang in there!