Monday, November 3, 2014

Rainy Autumn Day

Yesterday was a busy and productive kind of day.  First of all, I finished piecing the rows of the Sister's Choice quilt seen here.

I laid this out on the sewing room floor but don't really have enough room there to completely spread it out. The center of this quilt measures 82" by 92" and I have a 6" pieced border to go around it.  Should be big enough for a queen sized bed, don'cha think? And the lighting in this room is horrible!  I need the ceiling lights, sewing machine light and 2 additional lights shining on the machine in order to sew, and another one on the ironing board so I can see what I'm ironing!  I can't wait for Don to get better lighting in this room--hopefully this winter.

Anyway, I like this quilt for the whimsical things I was able to include in it. Such as a very nice Halloween witch, and a Downton Abbey bit of fabric--love, love, love that series!-- and a bumblebee flying around the alphabet.

I also found a fearsome spider lurking in the green fabrics--EEEEEK!

and a brilliant blue scaredy cat. Watch out, Mr. Spider!

I love these playing card people from Through the Looking Glass.  

I'll be sure to use this quilt on the children's bed when they come to visit. I think they'll enjoy finding all these goodies tucked away in there.  

I also got started joining the eleventy gazillion half square triangles that will go in the border of this quilt. 

 I was thinking of using a tone on tone green for the border since all the star points are green but that means I'd have to go out and buy some fabric which I don't want to do--it's all about using up some of that huge stash I've accumulated instead of adding to it.  This morning the light bulb went on in my head and I decided to use a cream colored fabric which I have lots of for the border with these green and cream triangles set in.  And a scrappy green binding made of leftover green fabrics.  I think that will look pretty good. 

In the afternoon, Don and I got sociable and went to the neighborhood open house and met some of the neighbors that we've not yet had a chance to meet. They all seem very, very nice.  I like living in this new neighborhood.  

So that's how I spent the "longest day of the year" (not counting June 21, of course).  How about you?

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  1. I hear your pain about the lighting. The lighting in my entire house is pretty crap . We have a ton of glass here and the builders must have thought that would be enough .

    That’s a VERY big quilt. But oh so lovely. I could spend hours just looking at all those fabrics.

    I went to work while you were playing scrabble. That’s how my day went...