Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Sew-In

Today was the first Saturday Sew-In of the season and I've been there nearly all day. My guild holds these sewing events several times a year, in the winter months.  We just get together and work on whatever projects we like. I love sewing in my sewing room, but it's so much more fun when there's others to sew with. 

So today was a fun day. I worked on this project, Talkin' Turkey, another Bonnie Hunter quilt.  

This blurry picture shows a few of the blocks laid out on the table. I had finished all the blocks last February and had some of the sashings and borders done as well.  Today, I finished the pieced sashing and sewed the blocks and sashings together into rows. I have yet to make the pieced sashings for sewing the rows together to complete the quilt center. Then there are several pieced borders to put together, but I already have one of the most complicated ones finished and  ready to stitch on.  

Like many of my projects, this is queen sized and it's one that I'm keeping for myself.  The red and white is so bright and cheery--I know it'll look terrific on my bed. I should be able to finish it up in short order, but I have the still unbordered Sister's Choice and the pumpkin table runners to finish as well. 

So many quilts and so little time!  Oh, the quilter's lament.

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  1. Two colour quilts are a favourite of mine too. (especially red and white – such a great colour combo)

    Sewing with other people is another thing I love doing. All that motivation and creativity in one room seems to spur me on (and the gossip and chatting is fun too)