Friday, November 28, 2014

This was supposed to automatically post yesterday!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Whether in the US or another country, whether you celebrate in October or November, whether or not it's chilly or steamy where you're located, whether you're religious or not, it's time to give thanks!

No matter how bleak my life has seemed at times, there is always, always, something to be grateful for.  I may have to search for that something, but it's there.  No, I've never have had all the material riches others have. I've had a wonderful and patient husband, 3 healthy, intelligent, and creative children, work that is extremely fulfilling and worthwhile, and friends that I've loved for many years.  Yes, I have a lot to be grateful for.

Today, I have family gathered around me, good food on the table, a warm house and I am grateful for all of these things.

I found this poem which describes a farmer on his last journey of the day, going home in the wagon.  Although I'm not a farmer and I've only driven a station wagon, this poem sums up how I feel at the end of a busy and and fruitful day. Seeing the lights on in the windows and knowing it's warm inside and that my family will welcome me at the door--that's what I give thanks for today, and hopefully every day.  


(John Charles McNeill, 1874-1907)

Cows in the stall and sheep in the fold;
Clouds in the west, deep crimson and gold;
  A heron's far flight to a roost somewhere;
  The twitter of killdees keen in the air;
The noise of a wagon that jolts through the gloam
            On the last load home.

There are lights in the windows; a blue spire of smoke
Climbs from the grange grove of elm and oak.
  The smell of the Earth, where the night pours to her
  Its dewy libation, is sweeter than myrrh,
And an incense to Toil is the smell of the loam
            On the last load home. 

On this day of Thanksgiving, my wishes for you are that you are with friends and/or family who love you, that you are warm and safe in your home, and that you have good food to eat and with which to celebrate this holiday. 

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Barb. I love the idea of Thanksgiving and what it means and think wholeheartedly this is one American tradition we Aussies should definitely adopt.