Monday, November 24, 2014

Sister's Choice is finished!

Indeed, I managed to get that final border on the Sister's Choice quilt and the top is ready to be pinned and quilted. When will that get done--who knows?  I've had quilt tops in my closet waiting to be quilted for over 5 years!  Why the H do I do that?  I love these quilts so why not finish them off and get them on the beds where they belong?

Here are a couple of pix of the border.  I like having the little HST in the border, but in hindsight, I think they would have looked better if I'd bordered them with a colored fabric and made the borders of this quilt a little more elaborate.  But, it's done and it's going to stay that way.

The final border took quite awhile to get sewn on because, again, I had to pin each seam of the 1" half square triangles before I could begin sewing.  As I was pressing the borders after stitching them, I noticed two "Amish squares!" I found 2 of the little HST that were turned the wrong way!  Out of the nearly 400 HST I used in the border, I only found 2 that were turned!  I call that pretty darn good and no, I did not take them out and fix them!  It's my quilt and I'll leave them if I want to!

I also spent some time yesterday stitching down the stems and leaves of the 6 pumpkin blocks I  made for table runners.  Now I need to embroider the curly vines and they'll be ready to be sashed and assembled. Again, sorry but I've not been able to get this pic to turn itself around!  Stubborn thing!

I also finished up the scissor cases so all 10 are bagged up and ready to go the guild next week. We're having our holiday party which is a potluck and we have the best cooks in our guild so I know it will be a wonderful meal.  I think I'll being a veggie side dish of some kind--gotta have something healthy in there, right?  This year, we also are bringing an item to donate to the local food pantry which I think is a great idea and we're doing the gift exchange differently this year as well.  In the past we were told 6 months ahead of time what to make for the exchange--one year it was an apron, another year it was something quilted for the table and a third time it was a wall hanging. But this year, we are to fill either a shoebox or a manilla envelope with assorted scraps and other quilting related things you don't need.  I plan to add some orphan blocks and that little Christmas ornament to my box and maybe a Quilter's Christmas cookbook, or I may save the cookbook for another time. Not sure yet, but I want to get that package done up before Thanksgiving and have it ready to go and off my mind. 

Today I head to the grocery store to get the last items I need to begin cooking for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, it's snowing and blowing but I think I'll be able make it there and back. This afternoon, I'll take out this golfing fabric and make the curtain I promised Don for his golf room.  The other day, he mentioned that he'd like to have that up before T day so I made a deal that I would make the curtain after he put up the lights on the house. Lights are up, greenery pot is filled so now I have to make the golf curtain! 

That's what my day is looking like. How about yours?

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  1. Sisters choice looks utterly fabulous Barb. Reading this post - you've been incredibly busy doing all sorts of other stuff too!