Friday, November 28, 2014

My month of blogging is nearly over!

I can't believe that November is nearly finished! I looked at the calendar to check the date of my guild's holiday party, thinking I had a week to get ready, and it's NEXT TUESDAY! I'm so glad I checked, but still, I'm amazed this month has flown.  Turning into December next week means that I have to begin the temp job I agreed to do and that means I can't spend as much time in the sewing room as I have these past several months!  I'm not sure if I like that aspect of returning to work, even part time!

Well, yesterday was so much fun with my extended family and my daughter.  The food was delish, the wine was tasty, and the company was so much fun!  I think we all say Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday because we get together with no expectations other than that the turkey be cooked through!  Doing lots of food prep things ahead of time meant that, for once, I was able to enjoy the day with my guests and not be totally exhausted.

Today, I'm at home--NEVER do I go shopping on "Black Friday!"  No way, Jose!  I don't even like to shop on weekends, much less the busiest shopping day of the year!  I prefer to go to the store on Mondays if I can, morning preferably.  Usually not too many people in the stores then, and that's the way I like it.

Johanna stayed overnight and we had a very nice visit with her today before she had to leave at noon. After she left, I managed to finish stitching together the wool penny rug that I'll be using as a trivet on my table. Here it is. I think it measures about 10" in diameter or so.  It was fun doing this handwork with felted wool and I think I'll be doing more work with wool, but probably not these pennies again. Stitching the layers on was not difficult but stitching the pennies to each other was challenging.  I only hope that no one looks too closely at my joinings because they're not pretty.

And I assembled the pumpkins into 2 table runners, one shown here, pin basted and ready for me to get it under the needle.  Tomorrow, I think!   I decided to make 2 runners of 3 blocks each because 4 blocks would have been too long for my table and then I'd have 2 more blocks left over, and they would not be long enough for another runner. What I'll do with the second runner, I'm not sure.  Probably a gift to either Tessa or Jo.

I also assembled the shoebox of scraps that I'm bringing to the guild party for the gift exchange.  I've got all sorts of stuff in there, including a rolled up paper and wood calendar I got from the Chinese restaurant the last time I ordered take out!  LOL  Okay, so it's not technically a quilting related item, but hey, every quilter needs to keep track of the date, right?  How else would we know when the fabric store sale is on or when the guild retreat is scheduled?  In the shoebox I included a couple handsful of crumbs from my crumb box along with printed directions from Bonnie Hunter's website, and directions to feed this starter kit with scraps every time you do some sewing and when you're needing to play, to go ahead and make a crumb block or two.  I hope whoever gets my box has fun with it!  

I just remembered that Bonnie Hunter's new winter mystery quilt, Grand Illusion,  was announced today, so I have to go and take a look at it and plan to get some sewing done on it tomorrow.  How about you--will you be making this quilt too? 

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  1. In Australia the biggest sales of the year occur the day after Christmas – and like you- I've never been. Having to gouge someone’s eyes out for cheap shoes just doesn't appeal to me... in fact it seems like pretty poor behaviour.

    Your trivet looks wonderful . Didn't look too close at the finer details because it doesn't matter if it isn't perfect. It looks amazing and its FINISHED ( which is more than can be said for all of my projects at the moment)