Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Day--Busy!

It's evening before Thanksgiving.  I and my husband have been working all day and now are able to relax a bit.  He took over housecleaning chores, except for the bathrooms which I did, and I was in the kitchen the rest of the day.  I roasted the turkey and took the meat off the bones when it was cool, and put the juices in the garage to cool.  The frig is full.  I made the cornbread stuffing or dressing, whatever you want to call it, and it's in the frig ready to bake tomorrow. And I made 3 pies and here they are!

The upper left, of course, is the pumpkin pie. The upper right is an apple and cranberry pie. And in the center is the gluten-free blueberry and raspberry tart.  

In 1989 or 1990, we traveled to my sister's house for Thanksgiving dinner and my niece made pies that year.  She was very quiet and soft-spoken when she was in high school, and after the meal was cleared, she went to the kitchen to bring out the desserts after.  But she came back to the dining room and whispered to her mother, "There's enough pie for each of us to have half a pie!"  Yeah, she and her mom had kind of gone overboard that year!  So, that's the Thanksgiving joke in the family--Is there half a pie apiece?  Not this year at my house.  Only 3 pies for 12 people.  We'll have to make do with only a fourth of a pie each!  Oh, well.  

Tomorrow, I only have to make sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, and bake the stuffing. Everything else is coming with the guests.  It should be a good day!

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  1. Those pies look delicious. Hope your Thanksgiving is stress free and full of family fun