Friday, November 14, 2014

I have a clean kitchen!

Yes, I finally got the kitchen all cleaned up yesterday and you practically need sunglasses when you go in there, it's so bright and shiny!  Well, as bright and shiny as a kitchen from the 1970's can be!  Every morning when Don and I have our morning coffee and chat, we talk about how we'll do the kitchen when we remodel, hopefully this summer.  Lots of ideas to be sorted through and planned out and eventually, a consult with the cabinet maker.  I can work in the kitchen as it is, but it will be so much nicer when it's redone.

This is a very dark kitchen with (gag) fluorescent lights in the ceiling--no under cabinet lights which I loved in my old house.  The wood is marvelous and we'll probably paint the structure of the cabinets and have new doors put on if we can't salvage the existing ones.  The bar and it's upper cabinets will go to the dumpster and be replaced with a free-standing island with overhead pendant lights. Oh, and the fluorescents will be gone as well! This kitchen has a hard and cold tile floor while the adjacent dining area has beautiful wood floors.  I'm hoping to replace the tile with a matching wood floor.  So, that's part of my dream kitchen and with luck, I'll have it by next year at this time.  

Other than cleaning the kitchen yesterday, I messed around on the computer and then ran a couple of errands--didn't get to the Goodwill but will try to make it today. It takes me a long time to go to Goodwill since I have to look at everything to see if there's something there for me.  Walmart, which I rarely go to, I can get in and out in about 5 minutes, but a thrift shop or antique shop-- those take me a long time!

This afternoon I have an appointment with a client and I hope to get to the nearby JoAnn's to get more perle cotton to finish those wool pennies.  I also would love to get back in the sewing room to finally get the last border on the Sister's Choice quilt and to begin appliqueing the pumpkins on the table runner(s). Still haven't decided what to do with them.  

So, I'd better wrap this up and get a move on. My cleaning chore for this morning is my bathroom--I hate cleaning the bathroom!  And I hate dusting too!  When I was a girl, my 2 sisters and I had to do the weekly house cleaning every Saturday morning while Mom did the weekly baking. As the youngest kid, my first cleaning job was dusting the living room.  Week after boring week, I did that until I was old enough to be promoted to bathroom cleaner!  I did those two jobs throughout my childhood--every freakin' Saturday!  Never got promoted to vacuuming or mopping (both jobs I "enjoy" doing now) so is it any wonder that I hate dusting and bathroom cleaning?  When I had my own kids, I insisted on Saturday morning house cleaning, like Mom, but I rotated the jobs among the kids cuz I didn't want them to be put in the ruts I was put in.  

Got to go--the day's a-wastin'!

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  1. Your kitchen plans sound lovely. I hads the worst kitchen in the world for about 9 years and it was such a thrill to get a new kitchen installed. I feel like it uplifted my whole house.

    Im with you ...send me into a thrift or antique store and it will literally be hours before I surface.