Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beginning the countdown to T Day

I have Thanksgiving on my mind.  Planning the menu. Planning the cooking schedule. Thinking about the tables and how to decorate them. Thinking about when I should go do the final shopping.  And so forth. Does everyone do this or am I simply a bit more obsessive than most?  Today I'll go to the store and do the final grocery shopping and then begin my cooking schedule.  I'll be making my own cranberry sauce this year using this recipe here.  It sounds good so lets hope it tastes good too.

Fresh Cranberry Orange Relish

And over the next few days, I'll be making pie crust ahead of time, baking corn bread for the stuffing, and so forth so I have less to do on the big day itself.  This year, since we're being informal and doing a buffet service, I'm going to follow my hairdresser's advice and I'll roast the turkey the day before.  She takes all the meat off the carcass and keeps it (the meat, not the carcass lol) covered with chicken broth in a large crock pot. Just have to heat it up on serving day.  I like that idea!  My kitchen is open to the dining area and I always hate having the carcass sitting out in plain view along with dirty pots and pans.  If I cook the bird ahead of time, I can also dispose of the carcass ahead of time too!  Win-Win!  Also, I can refrigerate the drippings and get rid of the fat before I make the gravy on Thursday!  Another Win!  Yes, I like this idea!  

In addition to grocery shopping, Don and I will make up the front door pots--it's so warm outside that nearly all the snow melted overnight, and it's foggy!--and of course, I want to get back to the sewing room.  I so liked the feeling of finishing a project yesterday that I'm determined to get another finish today--Sister's Choice, get ready for your final borders!

That's about all the day holds for me.  Maybe something unexpected--in a good way--will pop up. Who knows?

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  1. I love the idea of Thanksgiving, and actually did it here last year ...a week late but since I was making it up as I went along I don't think that mattered. Cant do it this year - actual Thanksgiving is my second to last day at work so it'll be a zoo , and the week after I'll be away so I'll have to live vicariously through your efforts and pictures !