Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yesterday was pretty much a waste as far as getting things done around here.I did my time on the stationery bike, showered and then didn't do much for the rest of the day. Oh yeah, I read my book--a new one by Chris Bohjalian, one of my favorite authors.  

Today, I finished stitching the layers on these pennies that I started last week.

I have the three layers stitched together on all 19 of the pennies. Next is to cut out 19 more brown circles and stitch them on the back as lining. When that's done, I get to play with them and lay them out as I chose and then whip stitch them together. Like my friend Barb, I'll use it as a trivet on my table.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with how they're coming along.  

On my list of things to do today are grocery shopping, making dinner ahead of time so there's a chance for the flavors to blend, and searching for my daughter's jewelry making supplies which she want me to ship to her in Maine.  She makes and sells jewelry in her spare time and she just finished a great sale and has another one coming up in a couple of weeks.  If you want to check out what she has, it's right here on Facebook, Blue Waters Jewelry    You may find something to get as a Christmas gift or whatever. 

Blue Waters Jewelry

I also want to spend some time in the sewing room. My list for there includes finishing the last border on Sister's Choice, making 9 more of the scissor caddies that I mentioned the other day, and trying to make this Christmas ornament to include in my package for the guild gift exchange in December.  

That's what I hope my day will be like. After I post this, I'll get right downstairs to begin pedaling the bike!  Whee Hah!  

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  1. Im seeing what feels like quite a bit of sewing progress coming from you lately Barb so having a couple of days here and there where you dont move at 100 mph is perfectly fine. Isnt that what retirement is all about?

    Just going to pop over to your daughters website for a squizzy at her jewellery! Hope you achieve everything on your list for today.