Thursday, November 6, 2014

Half Square Triangles

I worked with half square triangles yesterday, and it seemed as though that was all I did.  In truth, I did a little more than that but as for the quilting, I managed to get the first 2" border on the Sister's Choice quilt and then I put on the half square triangle borders.

It took forever to get this tiny border pinned and stitched on!  I had to pin each of the 1" triangle blocks so the seams would lie flat when I stitched. The HST strip was a bit longer than border #1, so I had to stitch with it on the bottom to ease in the extra. That meant that all the seams in that border were out of sight so I had to pin each one. Then, because there were so many pins in the thing, I had to stitch ever so slooooooowly to avoid hitting the pins. As it was, I did manage to break a needle but that's okay--it was due to be changed anyway.  I had hoped to get the third border on as well--a 3" cream colored border like #1--but I ran out of time.

One reason I ran out of time in putting on the borders was I got a little distracted playing with my crumbs.  I started making crumb blocks last July at a Bonnie Hunter workshop and now I have a hard time leaving them alone. It's like playing solitaire on the computer--before you know it, several hours have passed and you still haven't put that last border on!  Someone at guild asked me how many of these 4 1/2" blocks I had, so yesterday I counted--50 of them!  I think it's time to start putting them together with some sashing.  

Don and I did go to the local flooring store, and we were pleasantly surprised to find they were able to come very near to Home Depot's price on the flooring we want in the basement. In fact, they sold us a product that will be so much easier for Don and his cousin to install.  I'm so glad we went there--I shop at big box stores sometimes, but I always try to patronize the local mom and pop stores if I can. And after we finished there, we went out to lunch at a local restaurant.   It was nice since we rarely go out for lunch or dinner, so that was a little treat in a gloomy, rainy fall day. 

Today, I'm going to Duluth to spend the day and night with my friend, Bonnie. She invited me to an AAUW event so we'll go to that and I'll stay overnight at her house.  Tomorrow, I have to leave early to get back here in time to begin the setting up for the quilt show.  I'll be very happy when this event is in the can and I can move on to some other project.

What does your day look like?  A good one, I hope.  

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  1. That first border looks lovely ( but it sounds like it might have been quite the logistical nightmare getting it on)

    Love making crumb or freehand blocks - there's something so liberating about making stuff up as you go along.

    Way to go on finding flooring- it usually takes me weeks to make up my mind about these sorts of things !