Saturday, November 1, 2014

November's here!

It's hard for me  to believe that it's November, but after our busy trick and treating night, (the first time in 11 years that we've had ghosts and goblins at the door!)  I guess there's no denying it.  I think life will be a little more settled here for me now that we've safely delivered Lily to her new home in Maine, and I can concentrate on other things.

For one, I've decided to challenge myself to post on this blog every day this month and see where that leads.  About quilting, cooking, no gardening this time of the year, and life in general.  How does that sound?

On my calendar this month are a few things already.  Next weekend is the Bridge to Hope Quilt Tour and information about it is located here.  This is the second time my guild has participated in this fundraiser and for the second time, I'm in charge of the guild portion of the tour.  For those who don't want to go the the Bridge site, I'll explain. The Bridge to Hope is the local domestic abuse organization and last year they organized a quilt tour at 5 of the local churches.  A variety of quilting groups and guilds were invited to put on quilt shows at the churches, people purchased a "passport" and went from church to church to see all the shows.  Kind of like a garden tour.  It was a huge success and the Bridge decided to do it again this year. I believe they will hold this event on alternate even numbered years from now on as doing this every year is a lot of work. Even though it's for a good cause.  

I also am taking a couple of days next week to visit with my friend in Duluth MN and attend an AAUW event there.  I just joined the local AAUW and am excited to get involved in their activities.

Of course, there's Thanksgiving which I will host here as always.

Only one of my children will be here so we'll fill the house with assorted extended family. At this point, it looks as though we'll have 11 or 13 for dinner. This will be a very casual "serve yourself" affair as I have yet to unpack my china and crystal and have no idea where my good table linens are.  Since I have no place to keep these things, I don't want to unpack and repack them for this dinner.  Casual it will be! But I know the food and family will be just as good, right?

And lastly, I will begin preparing to return to work.  Yes, you read this right. After being retired nearly a year, I have an opportunity to return to work on a limited term basis. I'll be working from home during December through March doing a job I love doing while the regular employee is on maternity leave.  I'm so looking forward to this!  I love being retired but also miss the work and the sense of being of assistance to someone.  I guess the social worker in me will never really retire!

So, it's a busy month for me. Of course, I'll be working on some quilting--every day if I can.  I have several WIPs that I'd like to get to the completed top stage, and I have half a dozen finished bed-sized tops that I want to get finished up and on the beds. I have no excuses for procrastinating any longer now that I have my fancy-schmancy mid arm sewing machine, Sophia! 

So this is the first of the monthly posts. I promise that I will be more conscientious about including pictures in what I write about and will try not to copy too many from the Internet (like I did today) because I'm too lazy or forgetful to take my own.  

Now I'm going to spend the day in the sewing room, working on those WIPs!

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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your daily post topics – I’m not sure I could do it !

    Love the idea of a quilt tour and it ‘s for a great cause. I hope you get the response from the community that you need.

    Going back to work on your own terms sounds like my kind of work!