Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

Funny Pictures of Cold Weather

It's nearly 8 AM as I write this and it's plenty cold outside here is Western Wisconsin.  I just checked on-line and apparently it's about 0 degrees F (-18 C) and that's pretty cold. But there's good news! Saturday is expected to have highs nearing 40F (+4 C)! I already informed Don that we WILL be putting up Christmas lights this weekend!  

Don is objecting to doing this even though I have 743 strings of outdoor lights in the basement that I bought on sale a few years ago--still in their packaging!  His "logic" is that all the other houses in the neighborhood will be ultra-decorated and our strings of lights will look stupid in comparison.  My "logic" is that I want lights on my house and lights I'm going to have!  Period!  We're finally in a house where we won't need a crane and bucket to get up to the roof to gets the lights up. A simple step ladder will do, I'm sure.  He did seem relieved when I assured him that I wouldn't be doing the house like Chevy Chase did in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation even though it's one of my favorite holiday movies. Love the Randy Quaid character!  Doesn't every family have a relative like that!  LOL! :)

Today will be my sewing day at the Grain Bin. Here's the link and a picture taken from the website:  

The Grain Bin Market & Bakery

As you may or may not  know, I live in farming country and this farm, out in the middle of nowhere and off the main highway going to and from wherever, opened it's door as a bulk food store several years ago. It wasn't long before they added a small quilting area and invited local quilters to come in and use their space for working on projects. They also give classes but I've yet to take any.  I started going there on Friday's for Open Sewing a few months ago and I try to go there whenever I have an open Friday. I get so much more done when I'm away from the house, don't you know?  Well, this simple business has grown with the addition of a genuine quilting store as well as the sewing space, and now they're working on converting the barn across the road into a retreat center!  That is something I'm really looking forward to!  So, today, with the wicked cold outside, I'll be snug in the Grain Bin, sewing my heart out. :)

The last thing I want to mention is the plight of the folks in Western NY state. Yikes!  How much snow can one place get!  I just hope the houses don't start collapsing leaving people homeless in this terrible weather.  Maybe today will be the day the snow stops--let's hope.  If anyone knows of a quilt collection effort for these people, let me know--I'll have something to donate, I'm sure.

Okay, everyone, have a safe and wonderful day!

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  1. That looks like a wonderful spot to sit and create and relax with like minded people.

    Your light will be much more spectacular than mine. We dont have any , and in fact its not all that common in Australia to deck your house out with lights. Probably our electricity prices are a the biggest deterrent!