Friday, November 7, 2014

BAck at home and gearing up for the quilt tour tomorrow

I just got home from my overnight with my friend in Duluth. I had a Great time with Bonnie!  When I called my daughter on the drive home, she said I need to spend more time with Bonnie because I always sound so happy after I've been with her.  And I feel really happy! She's been my BFF for the past 40 years and i love her like a sister--my sista' from another mista'--to quote someone.

The AAUW event last night was a lot of fun--great friends, good food, I won a nice item in the silent auction, and overall, very pleasant.  I just joined the local AAUW and will go to my first event this week, I think, or maybe next week. I'll have to write it down in order to remember when to go to it!  I hope this is a group of women I will be able to relate to--I think they are such a good cause.

On the way to Duluth I stopped at one of my favorite shops and picked up a couple of orange fat quarters so I will be able to begin a pumpkin table runner that I want to have either in the Etsy store or on my table this fall. And I also picked up the framing order I've been waiting to get and I spoke with the guy in the shop--which also sells guitars--if he would be interested in my quilted guitar straps and he is!  I'll send him some pix and see what he thinks.  This may be a new revenue source for the Jolly Ruby Fund!  I'm excited to see what he thinks of them.

No time to mess with pictures today or lengthy discussions of anything. I'm going to start loading up my car with things that need to go the the church to begin setting up for the quilt show.  I'm going to take my camera along and will have pix to post tomorrow or the next day.

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  1. Time spent with a good friend is always time well spent. And old friends are just the best because they know exactly who you are.

    Looking forward to seeing all your lovely pictures from the quilt show!